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Member benefits




Corporate Membership Benefits

·        Opportunity to promote your business/organization through-out our state-wide Chamber Network (add)

·        Your company can participate in training sessions, workshops, seminars and webinars offered by our state chamber

·        Opportunity for your Corporate Employees to give back using “community hours” by serving through volunteering with our State and/or Local Chambers

·        Benefit from numerous networking opportunities

Corporate+ Plus Membership Benefits (all benefits above plus below)

  • Opportunity to Host special breakfasts, lunches and/or dinners where your Company products, promotions and messages are communicated at special Corp+ Member Rates

  • Opportunity to Sponsor "How To's" - like doing business with your firm or meeting Prime contractors plus How To increase capacity building and getting certified with your firm 

  • Benefit by connecting your corporate supplier diversity teams to multiple qualified small businesses through-out California

Chamber Champion (all Corporate benefits above plus below)

  • Special Corporate recognition as "Chamber Champion" at every State Chamber Event, Workshop, etc.

  • Special article with Company's CEO minimally 2 times a year

Diamond Chamber Champion (all benefits above plus below)

  • 12 month marketing program assisting with your company's KPI's, Key Performance Indicators, using our State Chamber Newsletters, Eblasts and Social Media platforms

Local Chamber 

  • Ability for your Chamber and it's Members to participate in State Chamber events at Chamber Membership prices, many times for FREE !!  

Local Chamber Affiliate 

  • Ability for Local Chambers to participate in 1 on 1 Counseling towards growing your Chamber.

  • Ability for Local Chambers to participate in State Chamber Programs, Services, Initiatives and Events with possible funding opportunities going to your local chamber for being “Affiliated” with our Programs, Services, Initiatives and/or Events.

Individuals, Orgs, Groups

Opportunity for private individuals, government agencies, other non-profit and community based organizations or business associations to participate at State-Wide level with special membership pricing benefits. 

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We help drive economic development opportunities for African American Businesses in California

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